Elise Bowditch


Map Projects

  Final project for GIS Certificate - Bowditch/McConnel © 2001
  Party shifts in presidential elections 1976 - 2000, by County

  Just for fun - Animation (QuickTime, 15.3 MB, 698 x 469)
  Tornado Touchdowns and Paths in the Continental USA, 1950 - 1995

  Animation (QuickTime, 724 KB, 396 x 437)
  Percent Change in Population Density, by County, for Washington and Oregon 1850 - 2000


  Newton Bookmaker Tips & Tricks - first published in PIE Developers magazine, May 1994
  Popular article on how to edit and markup text in order to make an Apple Newton “book”.

Published Poems

“Your Visit” upcoming in Uccelli Press' quarterly, Branches, April 2004
Winter Walks, Plum Blossoms, One of Monet's Morning Baths, Clean Death Zone in Facets literary magazine, Winter 2004
“Another Lenin (in Seattle)” and “Houses” in the fossil record, 2003-2004 (#7, #24) web, Summer 2004 print
“Job Application” in Facets literary magazine, April 2003
“Ladies Auxiliary” in Ginbender Poetry Review, November 2002
“Thunderstorms with my Father” in PoetryBay Online Magazine, Winter 2002