Elise Bowditch

website: http://www.a-sharp.com/
phone: (206) 783-7701
fax: (206) 783-7404
cell: (206) 351-3219

1517 N. 64th Street, Seattle, WA 98107

Skills Summary:

• research & analysis

• data cleaning, conversions, integrity
• data synthesis & visualization

• programming
• graphics

• project and people management


• relational databases/SQL/programming (MS SQL Server, MS Access 2000, FoxPro, FileMaker Pro, EMPRESS, Ingres)
• ArcView, Avenue: GIS Certification (University of Washington 11/2001)
• database publishing (Quark XPress, PageMaker, Newton BookMaker)
• authoring/multimedia (Director/Lingo, mTropolis)
• graphics (Photoshop, DeBabelizer)

Map examples at http://www.pensee.com/bowditch/maps/

Work History:

Business Owner, Dazzle White
Owner - 2002/2003
• trade shows, marketing, sales for niche cosmetic service plus part-time retail

Object Publishing Corp.
Application Developer - 2000/2001
• used proprietary publishing tools (Object Publishing Design Studio) to create product catalogs and directories for mid- to large-size businesses
• converted client information from source databases to an object-oriented database as part of publishing effort

A Sharp, LLC.
Associate Producer for King of Dragon Pass computer game - 1997/2000
(winner of “Best Visual Art” at the Independent Games Festival, Game Developers Conference 2000)
• authoring tools: mTropolis, Photoshop, DeBabelizer
• reviewed and approved art and music
• writing, editing
• collaborated on user interface design
• project management using Excel and FastTrack project management software
• testing control

Washington Education Association
Contract Programmer - 1996 (summer/fall)
• converted DEC/VAX COBOL system to Multifocus COBOL/PC
• converted and enhanced DEC/VAX COBOL system to FoxPro Database system
• responsible for programming, data integrity, report accuracy, testing

Multicom Inc.
Contract programmer - 1995 (spring/summer)
Home Depot ’95 CD-ROM
• worked with the in-house team at Multicom to produce Home Depot ’95, a CD-ROM showing “how-to” for over 400 home projects
• authoring tools: Macromedia Director with Lingo programming

Apple Newton products
Contract programmer with Pensée Corp. - 1993/1994
Zagat’s Survey, Fortune 500 Guide to American Business, AppleFacts (internal Apple sales guide), Maltin’s Movie Guide (not published), MCN Directory
• created and tested digital books for the Apple Newton using Newton BookMaker
• responsible for data integrity and database publishing

Lease Insurance Agency Services Corp.
Consultant - 1993/1996
• maintenance programming, troubleshooting, training users on financial applications using EMPRESS RDBMS on Vax/VMS

1989/1993: Team Leader 8/89 • Programming Manager 11/89 • Systems Director 2/91
• as Director, managed a 12-person department, $250K budget
• created a review and business justification process for Software Project Requests
• coordinated software changes with clients' MIS management and staff
• managed new projects, maintenance programming, and troubleshooting for financial applications using EMPRESS RDBMS
• improved testing processes
• automated standard processes and increased automated error handling and system documentation

Computer Services Corp.
Computer Programmer (Boulder CO) - 1986/1988
• converted applications for a construction loan tracking system from COBOL to Ingres on a MicroVax II at Computer Services Corp.

University of Rochester
Computer Programmer Jr. (Rochester NY) - Summer 1986
• wrote statistical analysis programs for medical research projects for the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Rochester using SAS, BMDP, Ingres on VAX and DEC20

Empire State College (SUNY)
Guest Teacher/Mentor (Rochester NY) - 1985/1986
• taught Computer Science, Statistics, and Mathematics to undergraduate adult students as a Guest Teacher/Mentor at Empire State College (SUNY)
• developed and evaluated course materials
• critiqued degree programs
• supervised tutors in the Center for Student Resources.

Newton Bookmaker Tips & Tricks - published in PIE Developers magazine, 5/1994
Popular article on how to edit and markup text in order to make an Apple Newton “book”. See the article at http://www.pensee.com/bowditch/book/bookmaker.html
BS in Computer Science (1986)Empire State College (SUNY), Rochester NY
BS in Interdisciplinary Studies (1981)Empire State College (SUNY), Rochester NY