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CARE GUIDE: Receiving Stock When Night Temperatures are below 40 F (4 C)

1. Place your bonsai outside on the ground and protected from wind: a garage floor, a covered porch, under the eaves of your house or in a gazebo. Do not let your stock freeze solid, but it can get quite cold without harm.

2. Check regularly to see that the soil remains moist. Do not, however, let pre-bonsai get too soggy as there is little movement of water up into the tree when it is dormant and roots might rot

3. Feel free to do any "top work" you want. Pruning and wiring is best done now.

4. Pot according to your local bonsai potting calendar. Generally speaking, pot from mid-March to the first week in June, with the following exceptions:

Pine roots start to grow later than other plants; wait until late May, or until the candles are just finished extending to transplant Pines.

Larch and Mountain Hemlocks (Tsuga mertensiana) should be potted between late February and the end of March; that is before the (Larch) needles show,i.e. while the plant is still dormant, but while the leaf buds are bright and shiny. Hemlock, needle buds swell and show a bit of white at their tips indicating that hemlocks can be transplanted.

Here's a shot at a region-independent guide: pot Larch and Hemlocks when Daffodils have come up but flowers have not yet appeared,

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