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CARE GUIDE: Laryx species
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Larch are best transplanted at the end of February or early March, just before their needles appear. The narrow planting window is this wonderful tree's only drawback and must be taken seriously. If your Larch has needles on it, leave it in the RootMaker pot in which it arrived for another year. However the tops of Larches (as contrasted to their roots) can be worked any time of the year. Larches are very flexible; they take wiring easily (meaning they stay where you put them); you can prune them any time of the year.

Because larches throw all their growth to the top of the tree, branches at the top of the tree need to be pruned quite short to redirect the growth to lower branches.

Larch love water. They are the perfect conifer for those who find watering an enjoyable occupation. Water every day from April through October, and two times a day during the heat of summer. Put them where they get morning sun and afternoon shade, or dappled shade all day. Protect Larch bonsai in the summer by placing them in the shade of a larger tree

Between April 1 and mid-July, fertilize this young and vigorous specimen about four times a month. with a mild liquid fertilizer, Peters 20-20-20, for example, diluted to one-fourth the recommended strength, and fertilize every week, after it has become acclimated to its new pot or new environment.

PLEASE NOTE Larch is a deciduous needle conifer. That means that it turns golden in the fall and looses its needles. It will remain dormant throughout the winter; then, at Winter's end "the light goes on" and the tips of the buds, that had been present as needle collars all year, get shiny.That is the time to repot or to transplant. Here in western Washington Larch "readiness" corresponds to the first growth of the daffodil leaves breaking through the earth. Pot from that time until the needles become clearly defined although still quite small. This is about a three week interval.

Success in transplanting bonsai, especially Larch, comes from timing your activity to correspond to the period of root growth.

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