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Day-to-Day Notepad

(also known as Dyno Notepad and Acta)

By David Dunham, Tony Mann, Ken Keller, Joe Michels, and Mark Moore.
News flash! Acta is now available from A Sharp!

Notepad is an outline processor, formerly published by Portfolio Software. You may still be able to find it at better computer stores or mail order companies. In Japan, the program is called Acta 7, and is available from Symmetry Software (in a kanji version).

The latest version of Notepad is 1.0. This is more recent than all versions of Acta. The most notable new feature is checkbox labels (see screen shot).

We also created a version of Notepad which runs under Windows.

There's also a Newton version of Dyno Notepad. Unfortunately, this doesn't share information with the desktop versions. It was published by StarCore, which is no longer in business.

Related programs are Acta Reader and Dir-Acta-ry. There's also an import filter for Claris XTND.

The file format (for both Macintosh and Windows) can be downloaded; this document is in WriteNow format.


By David Dunham.
miniWRITER is a text processor desk accessory. Writer Douglas Adams once compared it to Microsoft Word; he preferred miniWRITER because it had a word count feature. It's handy to use with a terminal program because it can make sure lines aren't too long and contain only valid characters (see screen shot).

miniWRITER was the first program to have "smart quotes" (the process which curves your quotes as you type). Contact us (see below) if you'd like to use the algorithm in your program.

miniWRITER is $12 shareware.

The latest version is 1.73. You can download it from FTP sites such as,, or with WebSTAR. It's compatible with Mac OS 8.1.


By David Dunham.
DiskInfo is a desk accessory which shows you the directory of your disk. It was written before you could run the Finder at the same time as another application, so it's not as useful today unless you're running System 6 without MultiFinder. However, it is compatible with Mac OS 8.1.

DiskInfo is $10 shareware.

The latest version is 1.45. You can download it.

Just what is "Maitreya" anyway?

The Sanskrit word maitreya means "friendly." Maitreya is also the Buddha of the coming era; he's pictured above.


The concept of shareware is "try before you buy." Download miniWRITER or DiskInfo, try them for a while, and when you find them useful, please send us the shareware fee. If they're not useful to you, pass them on to someone else and remove them from your machine.

Please send shareware fees in $US, drawn on a US bank (our bank charges us a large fee otherwise). Postal money orders are OK. Cash is OK too, but it's not a good idea to send it through the mail. We cannot take bank cards.

Last updated 11 Aug 99

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