Opal 1.0rc1 

It was years in the making (I began working on this incarnation in July 2004, though certainly not full-time!), but I finally began selling Opal last night!

Opal is an outline processor, for taking notes and organizing snippets of information. It’s a rewrite from scratch of my Acta outliner (which was released in 1986). Acta was designed to be fluid and essential, but it no longer runs on Apple’s latest Intel-based Macintoshes. I looked at most of (and even bought some of) the other Mac OS X outliners, but never found anything I liked quite as much as Acta. So I made a big push to finish it once I got a MacBook Pro (which can’t run Acta).

Technically I’m only selling a “Release Candidate,” but I don’t expect to make changes to the code. There’s a $5 discount until the official release. And this lets me shake out any bugs that might exist (I’m using different e-commerce and updating than with my other software).

And gives me more time to work on the web site and marketing copy. I hope to finish this up and have an official release in about a week and a half. 

Posted: Sat - October 7, 2006 at 09:03 PM