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Chariot RidersI ran a game set in East Ralios using my PenDragon Pass rules. I was inspired by the Pendragon supplement Pagan Shore to run a game with chariot warriors. The East Wilds of Ralios seemed like an ideal part of Glorantha to set the game.

Jonas Schiött gave me lots of helpful background from his East Wilds campaign. More of this can be found in Tradetalk 3 and 6.

I started everyone as members of the same clan (the Belovaking clan of the Riagos tribe). The first session was their characters’ initiation as adults (a mini heroquest). Since then, several of the characters have gotten married, been involved in legal actions, and had children. Most recently, they have visited High King Arukel.

Here’s some background on the game:

I've printed annotated writeups of my campaign in Interregnum, an APA run by Peter Maranci.

(I’d make a few minor changes now that I’ve seen Glorantha: The Second Age: Ralios.)

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