Magic rune Religious Bonuses

by William Swearingen
with David Dunham

This is a system of religious bonuses. As in Pendragon, if you have all five of your religion's virtues at 16 or higher, you'd receive the bonus.

I'm not using this in my campaign yet, but it looks like an interesting addition to PenDragon Pass.

If your character has personality traits of 16 or higher in all 5 of her religion's virtues, she may pick one of the bonuses corresponding to her god's runes. For example, if she is a virtuous worshipper of Chalana Arroy (whose virtues are Forgiving, Generous, Merciful, Modest, Trusting, and whose runes are Fertility and Harmony), she could choose either +3 on the Childbirth table (from the Fertility rune) or +2 Healing Rate (from the Harmony rune). The decision must be made when the bonus is first earned.

Religious Bonuses
Air +3 to a sword skill
Beast +1 STR or +3 Animal Lore
Chaos A free "good" roll on chaos table
Communications +3 Orate
Darkness +3 Mace
Death +d6 damage
Disorder +1d3 damage & +3 hit points
Earth (Benign) +3 Plant Lore or +3 Stewardship
Earth Malign) +3 Axe or Halberd
Fate Reroll one roll per day
Fertility +3 on Childbirth table
Fire +3 to a spear or bow skill
Harmony +2 Healing Rate
Hunger +3 to Bite or Spit attack
Illusion +1 DEX
Law +3 Recognize
Luck +1 to annual income modifier
Magic +1 POW
Man +3 to Courtesy or Custom
Mastery +3 to followers Loyalty
Moon +3 to Sickle skill
Motion +2 Movement Rate
Plant +3 Plant Lore
Spirit +3 to POW for spirit combat defense
Stasis +3 to Ritual (when used for enchanting)
Truth +3 Armor
Water +3 Trident or Net

Lesser versions of runes (Heat instead of Fire/Sky use greater rune). Dragon and Dragonnewt do not get bonuses.

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