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1121, Spring

Yaril the Hunter, Bee's Queen clan (Balazaring, age 19)

Oresa and I were married in front of the entire village. Although there were many weddings, ours was first, since I had managed to win the wedding contests. Oresa and I consecrated our new hearth, but the feasting was interrupted by the arrival of the warlord Lotharion and his men, riding on horses. The healer woman from Riverland was with him. He showed trophies such as a troll head and dragonewt hide, and wanted the village to submit. Boltho rudely ignored Saserna, and complained that Lotharion had not followed the complex speaking rituals of the Orgovaltes. Finally, Saserna invited Lotharion to compete against Boltho to marry her. He seemed disgusted, and rode off to the north.

A few nights later, Jorganos killed a trollkin that was trying to climb the walls of the village. I tracked them to a rocky area the natives call Kemar's Bowels. Then I saw a worker bee larger than my fist! Surely this was a sign! I will go back and get their honey.

Of course, Boltho had to earn his name of Talks With Trouble, and tried speaking to the trolls in their grunt-language. As usual, we were attacked. The Hawk did not answer my call -- I must have been carried away at the feast. However, I killed two dark trolls with Edge-Biter, and we drove them back into their caves, but Jorganos and Volaria took serious wounds. We took all 8 heads back to Endaga.

Although Saserna had been willing to deal with Lotharion, she wanted nothing to do with the trolls.

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